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Ionosphere-magnetosphere coupling

E-region irregularities

My first numerical simulation of E-region irregularities ( (J. Atmos. Terr. Phys. 54, 1633-1643, 1992)) dealt with 3D effects of E-region waves in the fluid approximation. Later works ( JGR 99, 11461-11473, 1994 and JGR 99, 13203-13208, 1994) dealt with the same subject using particle simulation (mainly 2D, but in one case 3D). The concept of ''flow angle stabilization'' was introduced. These works are reviewed in Janhunen, (Ann. Geophys. 13, 791-806, 1995).

My thesis also reviews the material of the mentioned papers, as does the MHD course.

See also: New projects done together with Annika Olsson (partly overlapping with the above), and a complete list of publications.

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